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While I am not currently planning to maintain the Descendants of Hugh Pasco, I am most willing to provide a central point for the collection of additions and corrections. Please e-mail me if you would like to add something to this file. -- Ian Watson

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 23:33:07 -0800
From: Will Deady

In the hope that it will help others, I offer some additions to and comments
regarding certain families covered in your Descendants of Hugh Pasco of
Salem, MA and Enfield, CT, 1671-1983, 5th revision.

JOSEPH3 PASKO (John2, Hugh1)

As you mention, there are numerous errors in the records. However, many
of the errors regarding the children of this family are errors of the
Barbour collection not the Stafford VRs.

The listing for the birth of son "Nathan" in 1756 is indeed an error of
the VRs. It is obvious that the letters "Jo . ." were omitted somewhere
in the copying. As you correctly state (under "11. JONATHAN4 PASCO")
information in Jonathan's Rev. War pension file indicates that he was
seventy-six years of age in 1832. This is consistent with a birth date
of 1756 and strongly supports the conclusion that "Nathan" was really

The listing of the birth of a daughter "Sarah", however is an error by
Barbour. The VRs indicate the birth of an unnamed daughter on April 20,
1760. It was Barbour who applied the name "Sarah" to this birth. The
VRs indicate no Sarah in this family. I note that Barbour also
incorrectly shows this birth as occurring on April 20, 1761. Possibly
Barbour's typist confused this birth with the birth on April 30, 1761 of
Sarah in the family of John and Deliverance Pasco.

Another error by Barbour was the application of the name "Joseph" to the
birth of a son on June 29, 1770. The VRs indicate the birth of an
unnamed son on that date. I believe that this birth was not that of
"Joseph" (this would be the third Joseph born to that family) but that of
son Zopher, who died on Aug. 8, 1776.

I note that four of the children of Joseph and Mehitabel died in the
month of August 1776. There obviously was an epidemic in Stafford that

JOHN3 PASKO (John2, Hugh1)

Barbour is again in error with regard to the birth of son Jonathan. The
VRs indicate that this birth occurred on January 13, 174[ ]. The fourth
digit of the date is missing, but the third digit is clearly a "4".
Barbour records this birth "Jan. 13, 175[ ]",------------- but he
correctly records the death of a son Jonathan on Feb. 10, 1748. It is
evident from the VRs that the birth and death refer to the same child,
one born January 13, 1748 who lived less than a month.

Possibly Barbour changed the "4" to a "5" because the birth is recorded
in the VRs out of chronological order and with births that occurred in
the mid 1750s. However the death of son Jonathan on Feb. 10, 1748 also
was recorded out of order and with deaths that occurred in the mid
1750s. It appears that the birth and death of this child were at first
missed by the recorder, possibly because of the child's brief life, and
were added later.

Because of the child's brief life, all of this might seem to be
unimportant. However, Barbour's error could mislead one to believe that
there was a second Jonathan born to this family, one who a future
researcher might think was someone's ancestor.

JONATHAN4 PASKO (Joseph3, John2, Hugh1)

A letter dated May 18, 1854 in Jonathan Pasko's Rev. War Pension File (#
5140), written by a writer whose name I cannot read, indicates that
Jonathan died in 1834 at Granby (Hampshire Co.), Mass., and that his
second wife (Elizabeth) "survived him two years."

In your discussion of "5002 JONATHAN5 PASCO" (Jonathan4, Joseph3, John2,
Hugh1) you indicate the possibly that the Baptist minister in Stafford
could be the younger Jonathan, "but it is more likely that this was his
father." Records of the First Church of Stafford (Baptist) list Jonathan
Pasko as a pastor (unordained) as early as 1809 and as late as 1820.
Since in 1809 the younger Jonathan (b. 1791) was only eighteen years of
age, there is little doubt that the pastor was the elder Jonathan.

ZOPHER D.5 PASCO (Jonathan4, Joseph3, John2, Hugh1)

Zopher and Amanda Pasco had two known children: daughter Sanantha and son
Isaac D. Samantha, born in 1808 according to her gravestone inscription,
died in 1882 in Los Angeles and is buried in Glendale, CA . Isaac D.
Pasco, was born in Oxford, NJ ca. 1812. During my recent trip to the
East Coast, I stopped at the church in Oldwick, NJ, hoping to find a
birth or baptismal record for Samantha and possibly other children.
Although the church has baptismal and other records going back to the
middle 1700s, I could find no record, other than the marriage, of anyone
named Pasco or Culver. Apparently Amanda's family had come from another
location. It is also apparent that Zopher and Amanda moved to another
location before the birth of Samantha.

From the wording of the marriage record it appears that Zopher was a
school teacher. That is not surprising, since I had previously found a
reference in a history of Sussex Co., NJ indicating that Zopher's brother
Alva Pasko was a school teacher there until 1813.

Zopher died between 1850 and 1860 (Census), probably in Elk Co., PA.

ISAAC D.6 PASCO (Zopher5, Jonathan4, Joseph3, John2, Hugh1)

By the middle 1840s, possibly before, Isaac was in Jay Twp., Elk Co., PA
with the rest of the family (History of the Counties of McKean, Elk,
Cameron and Potter, Pennsylvania; Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., Publ., pp.
670, 673). By 1850 he was farming in Ft. Winnebago Twp., Columbia Co.,
WI (1850, 1860 Census). In about 1869 he moved to Belmont, Nye Co.,
Nevada (1870 Census). He purchased a ranch near Belmont in 1872 (Nye Co.
Tax Records). He sold his ranch in 1887 after he had moved to Los
Angeles (Nye Co. Deed Book M, p.18). The ranch, though now owned by
others, is still known as "The Pasco Creek Ranch". He probably died in
Los Angeles, but I have not yet found his death record.

Isaac was married twice. In 1852 he married Ellen Francis Langston
(Columbia Co., WI marriage records). That marriage ended in divorce
after a year or so. In 1866 he married Adalaide (Bronson) Price (ibid).
That marriage didn't last long either, but it did produce a daughter,
Amanda (b. 9 Sep 1868, Portage, Columbia Co., WI, d. 8 Apr 1938, Carson
City, NV). After the marriage broke up he ended up with the daughter,
which he took to Nevada. Realizing that he could not properly care for
her, he gave her to a local couple in Belmont for adoption (Nye Co. Misc.
Book A, p.149). In 1886 she married Charles Deady in Belmont. They were
my grandparents.

Isaac's sister Samantha and her family were also in Ft. Winnebago Twp.,
Columbia Co., WI, enumerated next to Isaac in the 1860 Census (without
Zopher). In 1869, after the death of her husband, she too moved to
Belmont, NV to live with her oldest son Eugenio Kincaid, who had
established a ranch near there a few years earlier.

Will Deady
35 Miller Ranch Court
San Rafael, CA 94903-1448
(415) 491-4204

July 2007 -- Don Alexander of Springville, CA, writes with information on Zophar Pasco's death: He died Sept. 5, 1869 at Fort Winnebago Township, Columbia Co., WI and is buried in the Spicer Cemetery there. He was 92 yrs, 9 mos, and 28 days old. He had been living there since 1850 with Eusebius and Samantha Kincaid. Eusebius died in 1865 and Samantha and 4 of her children went to Nye co., Nev. shortly after his death. Zophar remained in WI. Isaac Pasco, who was also with the Kincaids in WI, also moved to Belmont, Nye Co., Nev.